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The Rotary Club of Florenceville received its Charter on April 29, 1951 with 20 Charter members. The Club was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Woodstock and has remained active since that time.

Since 1951 the Club has always been strongly committed to and active in the local area served by the Club as well as in the Canada and through out the world by participating in Rotary International projects and initiatives.

There are several areas in which the Club has been particularly active since its beginning. Some of these areas are as follows;

     -The Adventures in Citizenship Program which has been in place every year except one since the charter year. In the early years, the student selected for the all expense paid trip to Ottawa to learn about how our Country’s Government functions, was chosen at a public Oratorical Contest. Today students apply to our Club and are interviewed by a Committee established by the Club which makes the selection.

     -Scholarships have been offered to deserving students from our area.

     -Sponsoring Blood Donor Clinics, originally through the Canadian Red Cross, and presently through the Canadian Blood Service organization.

     -Rotary International projects throughout the World such as Clean Water Provision, the Elimination of Polio effort and Disaster Relief.

     -Sending disabled children to the Camp Rotary Facility operated by the Rotary Club of Fredericton.

     -Assisting in the establishment of the Dialysis Unit at the local hospital and continuing to support it by providing equipment.

     -Providing books and support for both Adult and Child Literacy.

     -Contributing to the funding for two senior apartment buildings in Florenceville.


Probably the most significant initiative of the Club relates to the River View Manor facility in Bath. In 1978, the Club was approached by Laura B. McCain to take on the task of assuring that this area was served by a facility to replace the Annie I. Lockhart Home in Bath which was being closed. The Club took on the task of bringing this about by carrying out the planning, incorporation of the company, fund raising and construction of the original 40 bed facility which opened in 1981. For many years, the Club was the body which assured that the Board of Directors was elected each year and Club members originally filled most Director positions.


     Subsequently, the Club was supportive of the establishment of a 10 unit Apartment facility connected to the Manor itself. As well, from funds which were originally raised during the establishment of the Manor, together with some additional funds which were raised at the time the second bus was acquired, the first two buses were purchased.  When the third bus was eventually acquired, the club made a significant contribution. The club continues today to support the facility and has recently provided a valuable piece of kitchen equipment.


     Recent club financial contributions, some of which are a continuation of above noted projects, include the following:

     -Contributions to local Royal Canadian Legions
     -On going contributions to Rotary Foundation Water Projects in each of the last five years
     -A $2000 contribution to a Habitat for Humanity house in Centreville
     -Shelter Boxes for Haiti and Japan
     -A Special Needs sled for a local elementary school
     -$1800 for a Dialysis Chair for the local hospital
     -A new refrigerator for the Town Hall where club meetings are held
     -$1500 for a Digital Sign Board in Centreville
     -$500 support for the Breakfast Program at Centreville Community School
     -$3142 to provide new Bleachers at the Bristol Elementary School Ball Field
     -$ 500 Support to the Carleton Victoria Arts Council
     -$2500 Support for the Carleton North High School Music and Arts Programs
     -$6000 For new risers for the Auditorium at CNHS

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